Holocaust Memorial Day 2014 FERAL Rehearsal 1


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Journeys is the theme for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014. On HMD 2014 we can learn how journeys themselves became part of genocide, and how the journeys undertaken were often experiences of persecution and terror for so many people who suffered in the Holocaust, under Nazi Persecution and in subsequent genocides.

Rehearsals began last week with Forest Forge Youth Theatre for Holocaust Memorial Day 2014. BAFTA winning local writer, John Foster has kindly written an original short play: FERAL. I am particularly passionate about drama as a social and educational force. But what has history got to do with drama? We know that history is littered with lessons but history and Theatre are two estimable but distinct fields of human activity. When working around the themes of the Holocaust I am insistent on exploring creative metaphor. Whatever metaphors that are already woven in FERAL have to be transmuted into movement & performance.

The questioning & re-examination of aims and purposes can only lead to a stronger & more virile approach in the long run. In a first rehearsal we always play with pace & rhythm. Improvisation of the quality of movement whilst considering space, by that I mean the subtext, the ‘unsaid’ things are often rich pickings for choreography. I’m looking forward to developing this resonant piece further with the vibrant young people from Forest Forge Youth Theatre

Exciting stuff!

Carl Woodward

Forest Forge Theatre Company offer Touring Theatre and Creative Learning in Hampshire. Lucy Phillips is the Creative Learning Director & is co-directing FERAL.

The Bournemouth & Poole Holocaust Memorial Day Committee invite you to Lighthouse Poole’s Centre of the Arts on Sunday 26th January 2014 at 2pm to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day.

Carl Woodward directing Forest Forge Youth Theatre

Carl Woodward directing Forest Forge Youth Theatre

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Written by BAFTA Award winning Writer John Foster

Written by BAFTA Award winning Writer John Foster



Oak Lodge, St. Aldhelm’s Academy, Dorset School of Acting & Forest Forge Youth Theatre

Oak Lodge, St. Aldhelm's Academy, Dorset School of Acting & Forest Forge Youth Theatre

“We’ve accomplished so much. The 17 Young people performing today as part of Holocaust Memorial Day have come so far and everyone has become better at what they do. I hope that the young people go out into the world and be more compassionate to other human beings and more responsible for their actions and words.”

–Carl Woodward, Vice Chair & Director.


Bournemouth & Poole Holocaust Memorial Day 2013 Trailer


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A short trailer with stills from rehearsals with Youth Theatres working toward a performance at Lighthouse Poole 27.1.13 at 2pm. The event is free but you will require a ticket, available from the Lighthouse Ticket Office.

Filmed by Irene Piera

Blog Update #7 Rehearsals at Lighthouse Poole


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St. Aldhelm's Academy

Week one was spent working with Dorset School of Acting and St Aldhelm’s Academy together with Carl, Lynda and myself (Ronan Friel.) The young people involved initially were a little daunted by the task facing us, but we were all quickly put at ease by Carl. The wonderful manner in which he used a number of activities to break the ice and put us all at ease.

We then launched into the job at hand, watching a number of short films to raise awareness of the issues involved whilst enabling the young people to not feel intimidated by the issues which we were working on. Therein lies some of the brilliance of Carl; he worked tirelessly to ensure that all involved were confident to question and be questioned, whilst raising awareness of the Holocaust using creative metaphor.

After lunch the group began adding in narrative and embellishing the acting… I must add that it was fantastic to watch! Some incredibly moving scenes were created as the group worked together to build scenes illustrating an understanding of the Holocaust I would not have thought possible in such a short period of time. I was inspired!

Thank you Carl and Lynda for inviting St Aldhelm’s Academy to take part in this project! I am very excited to see the end result! There are a few tickets available from the Lighthouse Ticket Office (0844 406 8666) You can alternatively email Lynda Ford-Horne: living.judaism@ntlworld.com

Ronan Friel

Lead Teacher for Foundation Subjects

St Aldhelm’s Academy